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Back and forth  来回,往返

Back down/off  放弃,让步,退却

Back up  支持,援助

Based on  以…为基础

Be friends with  对…友好,与交上朋友

Be made up of  由…组成/构成

Because of  由于,因为

Before long  不久以后

Begin with  从…开始

Benefit from  收益于…

Both…. And ….  既…又…

Break away (from)  脱离,逃跑

Break down  分解,瓦解

Break in  强行进入,闯入;打断,插嘴

Break into  闯入

Break out  突然发生,爆发

Break throught  突破

Break up  打碎,拆散

bring about  使发生

bring forward  将…提前;提议

bring out  使出现,使显明

bring up  抚养,教育;提出问题

build up  增长;积累;增强

burn out  烧掉

burn up  烧尽

by accident/by chance  偶然,碰巧

by all means  一定,务必

by and by  不久以后,将来

by far  …得多

by hand  用手

by heart  牢记,凭记忆

by itself  单独地,独自地

by means of  用,凭借

by mistake  错误地

by the way  顺便提一下,另外

by turns  轮流,交替地

by way of  通过…方式

A few  少许,一些

A great deal/A good deal  许多,大量;  …得多

A great many/A good many  许多,大量

A little  一些,少许;  稍许,一点儿

A lot/ a lot of /lots of  大量,许多;  非常,相当

A number of  许多

About to  即将

Above all  首先,尤其

Accustomed to  习惯于

Add to  增加,添加,补充

Add up to  总计,等于;意指

After a while  过了一会

After all  毕竟,虽然这样

Agree on/upon  同意

Agree with  与…意见一致

Ahead of  在…前,先于

Ahead of time  提前

Aim at  瞄准,针对;  在,旨在

All at once  突然;同时,一起

All of a sudden  突然

All out  全力以赴

All over  到处,遍及

All right  行,可以;顺利,良好

All round  周围,处处

All the same  仍然,照样地

And so forth  等等

And so on  等等

Apply  to  将…应用于;涂,抹

Approve of  赞赏,同意;批准,通过

Around the clock/Round the clock  昼夜不断地, 连续24小时地

As a matter of fact  实际情况,真相

As a result  由于,因此

As a rule  通常

As far as /so far as  只要;就…而言

As for/as to  至于;就…而言

As if/as though  好象,仿佛

Call for  要求,需要

call off  取消

call on/upon  访问,拜访/号召,呼吁

call up  召集,动员;打电话

can not help  禁不住,忍不住

care  for  照管,关心/喜欢,意欲

carry  on  继续,坚持下去/从事,经营

carry  out  执行,贯彻

catch  fire  着火,烧着

catch up with  追上,赶上

Check  in  办理登记手续

Check  out  结帐后离开/检验,核查

Check  up/(up) on  校对,检验,检查

Clear  up  解释,澄清/(天气)变晴

come  about  发生,产生

come  aross  偶遇,碰到;发生效果

come  off  成功,奏效

come on  请,来吧,快点

come  out  出版,刊出;传出,显出,长出;  结果是,结局是