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一、 祝愿、祝贺和应答 (Good wishes, congratulations and responses)

1.- Well done and congratulations to you.

- Thanks very much.

2.- I hope you‘ll succeed in everything.

- So do I.

3.- I wish you success.

- Thank you.

4.- We send you our best wishes.

- Thank you very much.

5.- Happy new year !

- Happy new year! (The same to you.)

6.- A merry Christmas to you.

- Thank you.

7.- I hope you‘ll have a good time.

- Thank you.

8.- Happy birthday!

- Thank you.

二、邀请和应答 (Invitations and responses)

1.- Would you like to come to the party?

- Oh yes, thank you.

2.- I hope you can come to the dance next Saturday.

- I‘m sorry, but I can‘t.

3.- Will you go dancing with us?

- Of course. I‘ll be glad to.

4.- Will you come to our English Evening?

- Yes, thank you.

5.- Would you please give us a talk on English Learning?

- OK. When?

6.- You and your friends must come over to my house and see


- OK. Thank you very much.

三、表示同意和不同意(Expressing agreement and disagreement)

1.- I think the shop is closed at this time of day.

- No, I think it‘s open.

2.- I think foreign languages are more interesting than science.

- I really can‘t agree with you. I prefer science.

3.- I think I shall read a book instead.

- Good idea. That‘s much better than watching a bad TV Programme.

4.- I don‘t think that it‘s true. He‘s always telling strange stories.

- I know. But this time I can‘t decide if he is right or not.

5.- I think Chinese is more popular than any other subject. 

- Maybe. But I prefer art.

6.- Don‘t think in Chinese when you‘re speaking English.

- You are quite right.

四、道歉和应答 (Apologies and responses)

1.- Sorry to trouble you.

- That‘s all right.

2.- Oh, I am so sorry.

- That‘s quite all right.

3.- I‘m sorry to give you so much trouble.

- No trouble at all.

4.- I‘m soory. I lost the key to your bike.

- It doesn‘t matter.

5.- Sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.

- It doesn‘t matter.

6.- You haven‘t paid for it yet.

- Oh, I‘m really very sorry.

五、劝告和建议 (Advice and suggestions)

1.- The park isn‘t far from here. Shall we walk there?

- OK.

2.- You‘d better close the windows. It‘s cold in the room.

- All right.

3.- If you are not better by then, I‘ll take you to see the doctor.

- OK. Thank you very much.

4.- You must look after yourself and keep healthy.

- Yes, I will. Thanks.

5.- The museum is very far from here. Let‘catch a bus, shall we?

- OK. Let‘s catch a bus.

6.- You must remember the saying: Whatever you do, do it well.

- Thank you for your advice.

六、打电话(Making telephone calls)

1.- Hello!

- Hello, Bill?

- No, this is Sam.

- Hi, Sam. This is Mike. How are you?

2.- Hello.

- Hello. May I speak to Mr Green?

3.- No. 5 Middle School.

- Mr Green, please.

- I‘m sorry. Mr Green is not in.

- When will he be back?

- About six this afternoon.  

- All right. I‘ll ring again then.

- Very well.

4.- Hello!

- Hello, Ham Mei. Could I borrow your Chinese-English Dictionary please?

- Sorry! It‘s not a very good line. Could you speak more loudly?

- Could I borrow your Chinese-English dictionary?

- Sure. I‘ll bring it to you tomorrow.

- Thank you. Goodbye.

七、请求允许和应答 (Asking for permission and responses)

1.- Please let me help you.

- No, thanks. I can carry it.

2.- Can I see your licence, please?

- OK.

3.- May I call you James?

- Of course, if you wish.

4.- Could I borrow a pen, please?

- Of course. With pleasure.

5.- Excuse me. May I use your dictionary?

- Yes, here you are.

6.- May I ask you several questions?

- Yes, of course.

八、提供… 和应答 (Offers and responses)

1.- May I help you?

- Oh yes, thank you.

2.- Let me help you with the bags.

- Well, I can manage all right. Thanks just the same.

3.- Can we help you?

- I want to go to hospital. But I can‘t. My leg hurts.

4.- Must I clean the classroom now?

- Oh, you needn‘t.

5.- Would you like a cup of tea?

- Yes, please.

6.- What can I do for you?

- I‘d like to have an English-English dictionary.

九、问路和应答(Asking the way and responses)

1.- Excuse me. Where is the washroom, please?

- Oh, it‘s over there.

2.- Excuse me. Can you tell me where the bookshop is?

- Look! It‘s on the other side of the road.

3.- How far is the post office, please?

- Only a few kilometers. 

4.- Will you please tell me the way to the railway station?

- Go down this street. At the end of the road you‘ll see it.

5.- Excuse me. Could you tell me how I can get to the supermarket?

- Go straight along this road. Then go over the bridge and turn right at the bookshop. You‘ll find it.

十、购物 (Shopping)

1.- What can I do for you?

- I‘d like some apples.

2.- Where can I buy some stationery?

- Let‘s look at the shopping guide. Oh, it‘s on the ground Floor.

3.- Could I buy half a kilo oranges?

- Certainly. Here you are.

4.- Will you please show me that radio?

- Certainly.

5.- How much is the radio?

- Ninety yuan.

6.- Good morning, sir. May I help you?

- Yes, I‘d like to buy a sweather.

十一、谈论天气 (Talking about the weather)

1.- It‘s a fine day for a walk.

- Yes, the air is nice and clean.

2.- Oh dear! It‘s very cold today.

- Yes, you need to wear warmer clothes.

3.- What‘s the weather like today?

- It‘s fine.

4.- What‘s the weather like in your country now?

- It‘s very hot.

5.- Lovely weather, isn‘t it?

- Yes, isn‘t it?

6.- I missed the weather report this morning. Did you hear it?

- Yes. It said partly cloudy today, with a strong wind from The northwest.

十二、时间或日期和应答(Asking the time or date and responses)

1.- Hi, Mary. What time is it now?

- It‘s about three.

2.- What day is it today?

- It‘s Wednesday.

3.- Excuse me. Could you tell me what time the plane leaves?

- Certainly. It leaves at ten in the evening.

4.- What‘s the time? My watch has stopped.

- Let me see. It‘s five to ten.

5.- Excuse me. Have you got the time? 

- Yes, it‘s six twenty.

6.- Excuse me. Could you tell me the time?

- Oh sorry, I don‘t have my watch with me.